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What this book is all about...
Whether or not you are struggling in life,
 this book can finally help you get the life you truly want.
This book is frank, raw and edgy about a journey to live against all odds. 

Through Michael's personal and very revealing stories, you will hear how he fell into a coma after a water skiing accident at 12 years old, lost more than half his liver and had a near death experience. 

The story continues to show how he struggled for years with alcohol,  nearly lost his legs at 27 from vascular disease and was not expected to live. But did. 

While getting a few chuckles along the way, see how Michael got out of
his terrible messes - took a quantum leap to transform his life - without doctors - and healed himself. And, how you can too.
In this book discover the simple tools
to overcome virtually anything.
More About Michael...
From the moment you meet Michael you know that he is unlike any other “transformation expert.” You will quickly realize that his insights and experience will help you tremendously - especially if you are in
personal or professional transitions.

Michael helps his clients realize that they have everything they need to live life with complete fulfillment. Michael's unique background includes small business ownership and being a sought after yoga expert. Michael has literally coached thousands to live life without the constraints of pre-conceived limitations. He has the unique ability to zero in on helping you
create the life you want to live.

Michael is a #1 bestselling author of two books and a radio host. He has been interviewed by a broad range of media including NBC, NPR, BBC, The Los Angeles and others. Michael is driven by an incredible enthusiasm for living life to the fullest. In his spare time he loves to hike in the mountains near his home in Central Oregon.
"Your mess is your message."
With Jack Canfield, author
"Chicken Soup for the Soul
Book Foreword by 
Jay Conrad Levinson
Father of Guerrilla Marketing 
What Readers Are Saying...
"Michael didn't just "fall down", he full on "wiped out", figuratively and literally!” 
~ David Groves,
Yoga Teacher & Paramedic
"Michael has already shared his story with many. He tells it well and he often tells it without words.
His story manifests in how he presents himself in the world - to friends, family, acquaintances and strangers.
But when he does put words to his story, you cannot help but feel connected."

~Esther Oh, BSW., MSW.
"Reading this book takes some guts but not as much as writing it must have for the Michael.
Laying bare your humanity so that others can learn from your mistakes and see a light so they can shift their
own lives takes courage. Michael Harris puts one foot in front of the other, literally, and shows us
how simple daily actions can transform our physical, mental and spiritual bodies." 

~ Laura Stewart
Keynote Speaker & Radio Host
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What MORE People Are Saying...
"In a world full of new-age nonsense, Michael is a true gem. He shines with integrity, compassion and real-life wisdom.
Actually walking the talk, he continues to bless us all; thank God he finally has written a book!
~Jessica Biskind
"I have only known Michael as who he is today, but have heard his story.
I would never have known he went through all he has. What an inspiration." 

~ John Herbik, Magazine Publisher 
"Michael Harris' life story is an amazing tale full of humor, humility, inspiration and grace,
a triumph of the human spirit. If you need a push to make some positive changes 
in your life. 
I highly recommend reading this book."
~ verified Amazon Buyer
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