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Michael is an expert in helping others overcome virtually anything and to
create the life you want to live. 
He is the #1 bestselling author of "Falling Down Getting UP". This book is his true journey of a near death experience
at 12 - from a water skiing accident.

Michael then struggled with alcohol for 15 years until
the doctors nearly amputated his legs and gave him six
months to live.  From that moment, Michael decided
that he needed to live differently. 

This book will tell you how he rejected the
doctors and learned to heal himself. 
"Michael didn't just "fall down",
he full on 
"wiped out",
figuratively and literally!” 
~ David Groves, Yoga Teacher.
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“ I’ve been practicing yoga for over 30 years and teaching for more than 20 years -
and have meditated as well. As soon as I started Holosync, everything changed.
 I find myself more focused and calm and love how much more clarity I have in all that I do.”
~ Michael Harris
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Dr. Daniel Amen
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Dr. Mark Hyman,
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And has been used by over 2.2 million people around the world...
Inside Of This FREE Book,
Here Are A Few Of The Things You
Will Learn to Live a New Life
  • Learn how falling down & getting up is normal.
  • Learn all about my near fatal waterskiing accident at 12 years old.
  • Read how I received 21 blood transfusions and still lived.
  • Read how I slipped into a coma.
  • Read about my near death experience.
  • Read about my visit with the angels. 
  • Read how I turned to alcohol and drugs to calm my mind. 
  • Read about my legal trouble with the police and the courts. 
  • Read how I bought hash in Morocco. 
  • Read how I struggled getting sober
  • Read how I developed vascular disease and almost died again. 
  • Read how I went under the knife again and nearly lost my legs.
  • Read how I could barely walk 10 feet. 
  • Read how in two weeks I went from waling 10 feet to two miles. 
  • Read how I started practicing yoga. 
  • Read how yoga helped save my life. 
  • Read how I became a leading yoga teacher. 
  • Read how I finally got sober to live a "Falling UP" life.
  • Learn a number of suggestions that you can use to live
    a totally awesome life - even if you don't know what to do. 
Check Out What Others Are Already Saying About This Life Changing Book..!! 
"Michael Harris puts one foot in front of the other, literally, and shows us how simple daily actions can transform our physical, mental and spiritual bodies”
~ Laura Steward, International Speaker
"In a world full of new-age nonsense, Michael is a true gem. He shines with integrity, compassion and real-life wisdom. Actually walking the talk he continues to bless us all; thank God Michael has finally written a book!"
~ Jessica Biskind, MA, LPC
"I have only known Michael as who he is today, but have heard his story. I would never have known he went through all he has. What an inspiration."
~John Herbik, Magazine Publisher
"Michael Harris' life story is an amazing tale full of humor, humility, inspiration and grace - a triumph of the human spirit. If you need a push to make some positive changes in your life I highly recommend reading
this book."
5 Star Review 
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